For Fly Half By Gary Lagden 5 STARS.

For The First By Jayne Williams

For The Chair By Lewis Gibson

' Gary Lagden is completely spellbinding...his onstage presence so captivating' Anna Forsyth, Everything Theatre. 4 STARS.

' Lagden's acting is immaculately natural and his voice work- especially the core Welsh lilt- delicious' Susan Elkin, The Stage. 4 STARS.

' Gary Lagden is a master of suggestion and misdirection...spine tingling, shiver inducing fun' Daisy Bowie-Sell, Time Out Critics Choice. 4 STARS.

' Gary Lagden is brilliant' Natasha Furlong, The Upcoming. 4 STARS.

' Gary Lagden keeps the diverse audience captivated with his skillful storytelling...poetic and haunting performance' Kristy Stott, Upstaged Manchester. 4 STARS.

' Gary Lagden not only becomes the character but is a fantastic's a lovely performance' Howard Loxton, British Theatre Guide.

' Lagden has the 7+ audience in the palm of his hand' Daniel Harrison, A Younger Theatre.

' Gary Lagden...providing just the right amount of menace tinged with an understated gentleness' Verity Healey, Theatre Bubble.

' Lagden is a hulking and imposing presence...he inhabits a flurry of roles with great skill' Miriam Gillinson, What's on Stage.

For The Pardoner's Tale by Lewis Gibson

' Gary Lagden-think of a highly talented " but I can do any voice"- Stephen Berkoff- style one man multi- roler in fine form' Susan Elkin, What's on Stage. 4 STARS.

' Gary Lagden is stunning' Lyn Gardner, The Guardian. 4 STARS.

' Potentially the best storytelling in London...Gary Lagden is an outstanding storyteller...a riotous, jovial lead' James Hodgson, Everything Theatre. 4 STARS.

' Gary Lagden is perfection' Becca Caplan, Plays To See. 4 STARS.

' Like a hero of old Lagden rises to the occasion whose comedic yet truthful approach left the audience, young and old grinning from ear to ear' Chris Combermale, The Public Reviews. 4 STARS.

' The core of The Pardoner's Tale is a bravura performance by Gary Lagden'

' Gary Lagden is wonderful' Amy Merrigan, A Younger Theatre.

' Actor Gary Lagden was magnificent' Kim T, All In London.

Hollie Goodall, What's Peen Seen. 4 STARS.

Rachael Gavaghan, The Good Review, 4 STARS.

Tim Mottershead, 4 STARS.

For A Thousand Slimy Things by Sally Siner and Lewis Gibson

' Gary Lagden was brilliant'

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian. 4 STARS.

What's On Stage. 4 STARS.

Alison Staples, The Good Review. 4 STARS.

For Tin Soldier by Noel Greig. Winner of the 2012 Off West End Award for Best Production For Young People.

' Gary Lagden is commanding, engaging beautifully with his young audience' Lyn Gardner, The Guardian. 4 STARS.

' Delivered by just one actor ( an immense performance by Gary Lagden)' Ben East, The Stage.

' Lagden's extraordinary physical economy takes us through, what can be only described as a labyrinth of emotions' Carole Woddis, Reviews Gate.

' It's all in the mind's eye, thrillingly fashioned in Lagden's physical creation of each individual element of the narrative' Lynn Walker, The Independent. 4 STARS.

For Hood In The Wood by Noel Greig

' Gary Lagden gives a tour-de-force performance' Lyn Gardner, The Guardian. 4 STARS.

' He ( Lagden) holds the audience spellbound' Barbara Lewis, The Stage.

' Gary single handedly produces a compelling cast' Ronnie Hayden, Time Out Critcs Choice. 5 STARS.